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With 15 years in the business as a blood cleanup practitioner, I've cleaned after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths in Sacramento County many times. I offer fair and reasonable prices. I guarantee my price and I guarantee my work. I accept homeowners insurance. Call me now if you wish to have me service your blood cleanup needs.


What I do:

  • I first remove blood soiled material.
  • I remove soiled mattresses, bedding, furniture.
  • I clean soiled floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • I use household cleaning materials and disinfectants for your protection.

You may not wish to spend money for blood cleanup in your home. I understand. I also remain available to answer questions for Fair Oaks residents. Here's the big question that I receive from families in need of blood cleanup:


Can I legally clean up blood in my own home?

Fair Oaks residents may clean after traumatic blood loss by a resident in their home. It's important to plan for safe work practices and safe handling of blood. Keep in mind, you do not need to continue cleaning once you begin. In fact, it's better to take a short break after you begin. During your break time, spend some time thinking about what you've done and what you need to do.

Is it dangerous to do blood cleanup after a natural death, like on a mattress? What about ho amici des, suicides, and unattended deaths?

Blood Cleanup for Families

Police officers will sometimes tell families that they need to find a professional blood cleanup practitioner to clean up their home. They do this because they know the scene presents possible traumatic emotional experiences. They should, not must not, ever recommend a blood or biohazard cleanup company to families; neither should coroner's employees or any other civil servant. In some cases though, the expense of blood cleanup surpasses a family's discretionary income and to provide funds for professional cleaning, they must do without necessities. In such cases families turn to their own resources.

If for some reason you would rather do blood cleanup yourself, you can find plenty of information on the Internet by simply typing in "how to do blood cleanup." Most likely you'll find more than enough information. What you're looking for is something that will say at least the following, most essential cleaning tools, which you'll find in your Fair Oaks stores:

  • Use Playtex or rubber gloves.
  • Use observant substances like dirt, cat litter, sand, and scouring powder as found in Ajax and Clorox powders.
  • Use paper towels treated for disinfecting hands.
  • Use a scoop of some sort like a battle dust pan, or flat nose shovel.
  • Use protection over your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Use clothing that you will dispose of or wash and a hot tub of detergent and chlorine.
What I have learned about blood cleanup to protect myself and professional biohazard cleanup work: I prefer to take my time and keep safety in mind. I know that I will be using plastic bags and filling them so I open these bags before I begin.

Cleaning solutions and other substances that I taken to a blood cleanup environment depend on the type of traumatic blood loss, the type of room or its environment, the age of the blood contamination, access to water, access to a toilet, and easy access to exits.

I like to have windows open if possible. This is not always a possibility because sometimes the death scene order may cause discomfort for neighbors. I do not use a fan while cleaning. I do not use chemicals that I call "exotic." Exotic chemicals are those bought in specialty cleaning stores like janitorial stores that carry chemicals prohibited in public schools.


Here's a list of some of the chemicals and substances that I sometimes use:

  • Household bleach
  • Cleansing powders like Clorox
  • Pine-Sol
  • Zap citrus cleaner
  • Peroxide
  • Alcohol
  • Paint sealer


Tools and Supplies

I buy my tools and supplies Home Depot, Target, Costco, and various drugstores as needed. I have standard tools as well as specialty cleaning tools for professional cleaners. You can get by with much less, but I do recommend this one rule a professional blood cleanup work: keep your distance from the source material as possible..

  • Steel dust pan
  • Steel, flat-nose shovel
  • Plastic scrub brush
  • Scouring pads
  • Paint scraper
  • Heavy duty construction bags
  • Floor scrubber (as needed)
  • Floor grinder (as needed)
  • Power hand tools
  • Paint sealer

Professional blood cleanup requires more than simple cleaning. In this business, cleaning means "re-cleaning." Cleaning means to scrub, rinse, and disinfect and repeat the process. I repeat this process as many times as needed. I disinfect after each cleaning.


Cleaning and Recleaning

But there's more than just cleaning, because sometimes there's demolition work, but not often. In some cases where blood and other potentially infectious materials have dwelt for too long, they migrate across nonporous surfaces to walls and furniture. Sometimes these infectious waste fluids migrate up drywall or down drywall between floor and wall cavities. In such cases cleaning cannot be done without opening up a cavity to remove the source material and then clean and seal the area.

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Narrative on Blood

We learn to fear and loathing blood. We sense discussed when we see it oozing from others and soiling the ground in front of us or other objects. Even its odor causes us to become nauseated at times. Of course for some of us, after years of exposure to blood's many characteristics we no longer dread its site, feel, or odors.

In blood does have different odors, and it also has different shapes and forms depending on its environment. While in the body, blood carries needed oxygen and nutrients through our veins, arteries, and capillaries so that our many origins and trillions of cells by nutrition and expel waste material. Loves waste materials include fecal matter in various chemical combinations containing sulfur's. In its external environment, blood's order develops as its cellular structure breaks down and bacteria within the cells become prey for other bacteria. As the decaying and growing clusters of bacteria grow, they release those noxious odors that we associate with blood.

Fish, birds, mammals, insects, and every person on our planet has blood. It's everywhere in living beings. Blood has its own symbols and it serves as a living tissue. In fact it's this one property, a living tissue, that makes blood so difficult to clean up at times. Once blood has time to dwell and begin to drive, becomes gooey and adheres to surfaces. It has a glue light sticking power. This power results from the cascading effect of blood cells, which naturally cascade, inside the body and out.

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